A Simple Guide to BC Hydro Rebates 2017

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BC Hydro Power Smart Program is an incentive rebate program that promotes energy-efficient lighting solutions all across BC. The rebate program drastically offsets initial retrofit costs and enables businesses to retrofit their lighting and signs. Through the retrofit, businesses can expect to reduce energy consumption by as much as 85%, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of savings each year.

As of November 2016, BC Hydro has exhausted its budget for the Power Smart Energy Rebate Program for 2016. It has been announced rebate applications will begin again in January 2017, so there’s no better time to learn more about the BC Hydro rebates process. As a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance member, Relight is here to guide you through the rebate process and teach you how to maximize your savings.

Relight handled the rebate process on behalf of The North Face Vancouver and was able to help them obtain $9,727 in rebates, reducing their payback period from 14 months to 7 months. Read the full story.

What’s the rebate application process?


Who is eligible for BC Hydro rebates?

-All commercial rate business customers
-Small industrial sites that spend < $25,000 on electricity per year
-Residential stratas (common areas)
-Large enterprises that consume > 4 GWh per year

How are rebate amounts determined?

Your rebates are determined by a combination of energy savings, project cost, and payback period. The estimate will be given along with the pre-approval. The larger the energy savings, the larger the rebate.

Which products are available for rebates?

All products listed on BC Hydro’s e-catalog are available for rebates. For large enterprises (> 4 GWh energy consumption per year), all energy efficient products are available for rebates. *subject to BC Hydro inspection

When to submit the project declaration?

Project declarations must be submitted within a year of the project pre-approval.