Relight Success Story

The North Face

“We were able to cut our energy bill by nearly half”

116,000 kWH 

Annual Energy Reduction  


Annual Energy and Maintenance Savings  


Utilities Rebate 

7 months

Pay-Back Period


The Problem

As a company passionate about innovation and the environment, The North Face wanted a way to decrease operating expenses, improve lighting conditions, and make strides towards becoming more sustainable. With several stores in metro Vancouver consuming thousands of dollars worth of electricity, maintenance costs, and repairs each month, The North Face decided to make an impact through retrofitting their lighting.

After a free on-site energy assessment from Relight, the overuse of halogen and fluorescent lights were found to be the cause of high monthly energy bills. Halogen and fluorescent lights not only use more electricity than LEDs, they also have a shorter lifespan, resulting in reoccurring repair and replacement costs. Halogen lights often require the use of air conditioning units in order to maintain optimal temperature, further increasing electrical costs and the wear and tear on AC units.

The Solution

Although The North Face was aware of the energy saving potential of retrofitting to LEDs, the company had concerns about apparel colors under LED lighting; therefore, Relight was asked to come up with a cost-effective solution that not only decreased energy and maintenance costs but also made their apparel look great.

Through a series of consultations, Relight was able to identify a retrofit solution that significantly decreased energy consumption and maintenance costs while enhancing lighting aesthetics. Relight retrofitted all the light bulbs across two lower mainland locations. The interior 90W halogen bulbs were replaced with 14.5W LEDs and the exterior signage’s T12 High Output Fluorescent lamps were replaced with LEDs.

The Results

The newly installed LEDs significantly reduced monthly lighting energy consumption.  They also emit dramatically less heat, which decreased air conditioning usage. Lastly, the LEDs posted high on the CRI (color rendering index), resulting in more vibrant retail displays and an overall better customer experience.

Through the retrofit, The North Face saved more than 116,000 kWh worth of energy in 2016 and is expected to do so every year for the next 10 years.  That’s an annual savings of more than $15, 500 in energy and maintenance costs and a project lifetime saving of more than $150,000.

“By upgrading our lighting with Relight Solutions, we were able to cut our energy bill by nearly half when compared to same month last year.”

-Li, The North Face Store Kitsilano Owner