Relight Success Story

Toys “R” Us

“Our sign is costing less and looking great”

33,533 kWH 

Annual Energy Reduction  


Annual Energy and Maintenance Savings  


Utilities Rebate 

32 months

Pay-Back Period


The Problem

Toys “R” Us is a one of the oldest children’s merchandise retailers in North America. The chain has hundreds of stores spread across Canada and is most often recognized by its large and colorful signage. The signs serve as more than a store logo or exterior advertisement, it is the embodiment of Toys “R” Us’ fun and jovial brand. It is so symbolic that mere sight of the sign can bring a smile to a child’s face.

Amongst all the Toys “R” Us stores in Canada, none is more recognizable than the Broadway store in Metro Vancouver. The store features the largest outdoor free standing signage in North America, standing at a towering 72ft tall. It is instantly recognizable miles away and has been a landmark in Metro Vancouver for generations.

In recent years, maintaining the signage has become a serious financial problem for Toys “R” Us due to its age. Because of its enormous size and fluorescent based structure, the signage required an abundance of energy to power. In fact, it consumed nearly 50,000 kWh annually, accounting for thousands of dollars in energy costs each year. The signage also broke several times a year causing partial and total blackouts, which incurred expensive repair and replacement costs due to the lack of service providers who are capable of fixing such a large signage.

Toys “R” Us desperately want to maintain their landmark signage, but rising energy and maintenance costs make a case for shutting the sign down. Faced with a dilemma, Toys “R” Us turned to Relight for a solution.

The Solution

Through a holistic assessment of the sign’s energy output and lighting structure, Relight identified a full LED retrofit as the ideal long-term solution. Relight proposed upgrading the current fluorescent lighting to new energy efficient LEDs, which would reduce energy consumption by 70%. The LEDs used have a 5-year warranty and 10-year lifespan, meaning minimal repair costs for at least the next 10 years.

The Results

Through the retrofit, Toys “R” Us saved 33, 533 kWh of energy in 2015. It saved over $3,400 in energy costs and over $6,000 in maintenance and repair costs, granting nearly $10,000 in energy savings for the year. Savings are expected for the next 10 years, so Toys “R” Us is expected to save $100,000 during the retrofit project lifetime.  Relight also handled the rebate process on Toys “R” Us’ behalf, granting the company over $8,000 in rebates.

You can still spot the large Toys “R” Us sign miles away in Metro Vancouver. Except now, it is running more efficiently than ever and will continue to bring smiles to children’s faces for many years to come.