Relight Success Story

Vancouver Property Management

“Relight made the process simple and affordable”

21, 000 kWH 

Annual Energy Reduction  


Annual Energy and Maintenance Savings  


Utilities Rebate 

14 months

Pay-Back Period

The Problem

A Vancouver based property management company who owns multiple retail, industrial, and commercial spaces across the Lower Mainland has been looking for new ways to reduce monthly tenant costs. With many properties employing electrical signs and displays, it has been challenging to keep monthly electrical expenditures low. To make matters worse, the bulbs and ballasts in the signs fail regularly, resulting in a constant need for repairs and services.

With maintenance fees piling up and monthly energy costs still high, a Facilities Manager sought out Relight to help them deliver a lighting solution that not only reduces their expenses but also makes their commercial signs look their best.

The Solution

After conducting a free on-site energy assessment, Relight determined that a LED retrofit of exterior signage was the optimal solution. Through retrofitting the signs with LEDs, Relight was able to drop their monthly lighting energy consumption by 90%. The process was made easy due to Relight’s team of professional electricians.

The Results

The newly installed LEDs significantly decreased the monthly energy consumption. All the LEDs and power supplies come with a 5-year warranty and 10-year life span, eliminating replacement and repair costs for the next 10 years. As a BC Hydro Power Alliance Member, Relight was able to identify, process, and claim the available rebates on behalf of the client.

Through the LED retrofit, one property saved more than 21,000 kWh annually on energy, which equals to $4,000 in annual energy and maintenance savings. They are expected to save over $40,000 over the next 10 years.




“We had a great experience working with Relight, they made the process simple and affordable”

-Morgan, Property Manager